The Two Mathematicians


Global Warming Alarmists, with their over-riding  faith in the ‘accepted’ scientific consensus, remind me of the two mathematicians who proved that bumblebees can’t fly.  (The implications of which would be alarming, also.)

When it was pointed out to them that bumblebees do fly, they said, “Oh!  So you consider yourself a mathematician?”  They then produced a stack of cardboard boxes filled with papers crammed with mathematical formula, equations, arrows, diagrams and calculations.  “Perhaps you would show us then, please, just where our mistake is?”


“You can’t, can you?”  They replied smugly.

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8 Responses to “The Two Mathematicians”

  1. Fish Clamor Says:

    They were PHYSICISTS! Or engineers, but definitely not mathematicians. We are not interchangeable!

    –fish DO clamor 🙂

    • schn00dles Says:

      Oh! Who knew fish could raise such a ruckus?
      Thank you for your clamor/backchat Miss Fish. 🙂

      • Fish Clamor Says:

        Well Carl you know the genre of mathematician, physicist and engineer jokes has a long and respected history. Maybe there are not as many as the three guys walk into a bar jokes, or the priest the rabbi and the emir all go fishing jokes, but that night not be true.

        Probably there should be a genre if playwrights, poets, and fiction Writer’s jokes! Please tell me one.

      • Fish Clamor Says:

        Ha! It is perfectly delightful to have political arguments with you!

        Now, one fine Thursday, a priest, a rabbi, and an emir all went fishing. After all three men failed to catch a single fish all morning, then they ate of their sandwiches and smoked of their pipes.

        Suddenly the Rabbi said, “Shhhh–do you hear that sound? What was that?”

        The priest said, “Oh, yeah, I hear it! Hear ye that faint clamoring sound which cometh from under the boat?”

        Quickly their hooks were again laden with worms and the men fished nigh unto the end of the day, yet not one of them caught a single fish in the afternoon.

        The priest said, “Verily I say unto thee: I have been made a fisher of men, so you know, it’s ok.”

        The rabbi rolled his eyes, and said, “Well there is a time to embrace and a time to fish, and this is neither one of them.”

        Then the emir said of the fish, “I cannot argue with what thou has just said, Rab. But I know what has happened to the fish, for I have heard them! It is written–”

        Suddenly a man appeared, walking on the water.

        The rabbi said, “That man walketh on the backs of thousands of fish! It must be so!”

        Then, looking over the boat toward the walking man, the priest said, “Screw the poles; let us cast our nets, and let us cast our nets on that side of the boat!” he said.

        The emir said, “He walkers not on the backs of fish fir I say unto you it is written: “They departed, conversing in secret low tones, and then took their course through the sea in a marvelous way!”

        The priest said, Really? It is written? Maybe that’s what we heard at lunch?

        The rabbi said, “It sounds pretty good.”

        The priest said, “I must admit that yeah it does sound pretty good. Where is it written?”

        The rabbi said, “I don’t see any way our poet can possibly maketh this parable funny.”

        The emir said, “True. But she hath read all of chapter 68 of the Holy Quran, and she hath quoted therefrom, so tell me who is the fisher of men.”

        Just then the holy men saw the sun below the horizon.

        The rabbi said, “Is it Friday yet? ”

        Sorry Carl I don’t know what came over me! I love the comedy of the failure of comedy!

  2. Fish Clamor Says:

    And thank you Carl– Your bee story illustrates the problem with those who do not accept the reality of the dire consequences of climate we are already experiencing. An example of something that has already occurred, due in large part to climate change and other human-caused disasters, is the extinction of thousands of species of animals and insects.

    Among the species that have already become extinct due to human folly, probably the most disastrous are many species of bees.

  3. Fish Clamor Says:

    Dammit, I mean “the dire consequences of climate *change*”!

  4. Fish Clamor Says:

    For those interested in the 44% decline in the US bee population from April 2015 to April 2016, see

    For other articles about the extinction of bees, I googled “how many species of bees are extinct due to climate change?” I saw a long, list of articles from various sources, many of which I would consider reliable.

    Carl, now I got a bee in my bonnet! Cheers!

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