My name is Carl Nelson.  I’m a playwright/photographer/poet (and ever-insensitive director) who makes most of his living selling office copiers – but whose abiding interest (at least when I’m here) is the fictive world in which artists survive.  “Poet’s Microphone” is a manifestation of my own world.  In “The Seattle Celebrity News” I encourage local artists to express theirs – with the help of my muck-raking journalism.  “There is no growth without dirt.”

Cheap thrills are still thrills.  And here is another ‘cheap thrill’ to be gaga about:  we are adding some guest columnists from time to time at SchnOOdle’s Blog.  Currently we are featuring the work of (under) noted crime writer Eldon Cene in the continuing crime serial: “Murders in Progress”.  It’s grim.  It’s gritty.  And Eldon Cene, himself, is a bit contrary, and a bit psychopath, like many reclusives.  Exercise your misanthropic side and read a few episodes.  Enjoy the bloodletting.  It’ll make you smile 🙂  .

I find odd characters to be more interesting than most, and so I associate with them.  And I have a particular passion for the continually unsuccessful.  Even their pretensions are fun to prick, and they live – and are camped-  right in the midst of the Big Joke.  But perhaps a deeper quality the people I associate with seem to share is ‘passion’.  Sometimes, it’s just the passion a slacker has  (one of the funniest passions of all).  As the painter, Samuel Adoquei says in his fine book, “How Successful Artists Study”, “Passion is a reward given to us long before that destiny has been fullfilled.”  You might happen across a few passionate artists here.  Plus, yours truly offers his own passion from time to time “From the Editors Perch” .  So keep tuning in.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. fish Says:

    i like your mission statement here. …the fictive world in which artists survive…interesting! i’d like to read some about that? i like the poems being read, that’s lovely. thanks for sending your link! and your right as rain, thrills are thrills! –fc

    • schn00dles Says:

      Stayed tuned Jennifer! I’m trying to explore this fictive world in my upcoming “Seattle Celebrity News!”, but having a bit of trouble coming up with a form all parties are comfortable with. Best, Carl

  2. fish Says:

    would you consider ever putting the text of a poem up with the read version? my baby is still asleep and i want to read them!


    • schn00dles Says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m afraid people would not listen, as they will read faster. And I like looking at the photo as I listen. But let me think about this and see if I can’t come up with something. Thanks for tuning in! – Carl

  3. fishclamor Says:

    parties? parties? that sounds like fun. sorry. i’m silly today! you have a good point about reading vs. printing. i hate the idea of being read on line. so, touche! have a good one!


  4. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  5. the outsiders Says:

    question.,….do you thoroughly research the validity of those “actors” you promote here?

    juuuuuuust wonderin’

  6. the outsiders Says:

    Good response!
    we’ve had contact in the past with someone we found on your site and he should actually be in jail….and maybe he will some day!
    he’s evil, manipulative, and controlling….

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