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Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

October 29, 2010

Actual Measurements May Vary

THREE TALL WOMEN by Edward Albee

“Albee Play at Leo K.  Allison Narver has mounted THREE TALL WOMEN and I saw opening night last night (10/27/10).  The play within a play became even more so when Megan Cole playing the oldest version of the woman, in her dotage, started calling for lines.  In the first act an over 90 woman rants and recalls her youth while a caregiver and women representing her lawyer listen and deal with her.  At the end of Act I she has a stroke and dies.

A dummy of her dead body remains in her bed for act two.  Megan Cole comes back as a more vigorous version of her elder self to talk with a middle age version and a twenty something version of herself played by the actors from act one.  Nick Garrison appears in a non speaking role.

The play first done in 1991 is autobiographical and Nick Garrison is Albee, adopted to a wealthy family that he didn’t fit into very well.

Hopefully the Rep. will keep doing Albee having done LADY FROM DUBUQUE a few years ago. Some people think he is America’s greatest living playwright. He does bleak well and with humor.”  – Jorj

Drawing by Carl Nelson

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