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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

May 8, 2012

Having Trouble Making Your Rent?  Buy a House!

What’s Rita up to now?  “I bid on a HUD house. The house is in Tacoma, and I won the bid. So what then? I guess I only won the bid because I was stupid. Now I’m supposed to buy it. So I guess I’m buying a house in Tacoma. The house is pretty cute, and it is supposedly cheap. Big yard, and two bedrooms upstairs and a room downstairs. I am thinking of making it a commune.”

Sounds good.  How do you arrange the financing?  “Oh yes, financing… Well, you get two bank accounts. You get some of those credit card offers with 0% interest for a year and deposit a few thousand into acct 1. Then you transfer it to bank 2. Then you use bank 2 acct for downpayment. All the loan officer asks is the statement showing where the money came from to bank 2. He hasn’t asked about bank 1.   And Hud usually pays all the closing costs.

I started a blog to help poor people to buy a house, lots is explained in it: ”

Photo by Carl Nelson

Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

October 5, 2010

Editor’s note:  Rita is currently suffering from an explosive atavistic eruption of her interpersonal Id.   Triggered by, what else, a patron!  But like the professional she is, filed her column nonetheless.  

Rita Writes Here Frequently for the Unvarnished Artistic Id: Follow her life as she tries to live her bliss within the confines of an increasingly hostile society.

“Well, one lady sent me a message wanting a website, and I made a few layouts for her to look at, and she said that she loved one of them, which would seem to indicate she’d want me to make it for her, but now she acting all strange and not returning my emails. I just don’t understand people! Why do they say they like (or love) something and then avoid you. Is that some new fad? And this lady is a counselor! Imagine that! Aren’t counselors supposed to be good communicators. I have gotten no sense out of her emails, except brief one-two word statements like “I love #5” or “will email you back tomorrow, promise” Wouldn’t it be easier to just say what you’ve got to say! Ok, good, so… well… hello… What is wrong with people these days! Things used to be a lot simpler years back, people would haggle like you’re supposed to. Now they play some strange avoidance game that I don’t understand; there should be classes taught in this! People are so twisted and fickle these days, and have no respect for anyone. I am losing what’s left in the human race fast.”  – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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