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Fashion with Chris

August 16, 2010

Editor’s Note:  In this final installment of beach fashion with Chris we see how fashion sense has helped Chris to fully enjoy his day at Alki.  Like a migrating bird who finds his flock, Chris’ style sense has found him immediate chums.

Women Love Strong Men in Kilts

“Okay, I know what the “piggyback” joke here is, but I’m telling you it’s called the Poppin’ Fresh, the Cushion for the Pushin’!!! You Ladies know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…  ”

Editor’s Note:  …but the Editor hasn’t a clue.


“Yes, you’ve caught me! I get most of my fashion ideas from the pages of Bizarre (no, not Bazaar!!!) ”

“Ooooh, photo faux pas here.  Bomb pops cause a visible sort of Brain Freeze called Forehead Furrow (AIRBRUSH!!!)”

“Mmm, Carl’s attention wandered here. Very nice feet, but not MY feet… ”

“Showing how the youth trust me. Okay, the double devil’s horns may indicate misplaced trust, but I do love the “youth” & their sense of humor… ”


“No, I’m not teasing the dog, he just didn’t want to eat after me!”


“There’s no better fashion accessory  than a dog, especially a… PIT BULL?!  Yes, a pit bull… ”

“Goggles are de rigeur for the beach. You never know when some bully will kick sand in your face. A word to the wise re: your eyes…”

“Again, if you’re gonna rock the kilt action, make sure you have the legs for it!!!”

“A big fist bump/ thumb’s up. A double good day at Alki!!”

Photos by Carl Nelson

Many thanks to Liane, the lovely model in the pink hat.

Fashion with Chris

August 12, 2010

Editor’s Note:  Part of Fashion is what you do with it.  In this current and following  fashion at the beach installment, we see how Chris integrates with the scene.

“On the prowl, as we can see that this lounge outfit breathes as well as moves like a dream.”

 “The cool, come hither look of cotton. Nothing says “keep this lonely beach boy company” better… ”

“The perfect Alki tipple: apple cider.  No drunken stumbling AND I keep the doctor away!”

                                                             – Chris Mathews

Photos by Carl Nelson

Fashion with Chris

July 29, 2010

Editor’s Note:  This is the second in a several part Chris Mathews beach fashion festival series.

“Possibly the last payphone in town & my creditors STILL manage to find me! I didn’t spend a bundle on this ensemble. It was donated, baby!”

“Yes!  I AM wearing 3-D flip-ups, a Keith Richards t-shirt AND eating a watermelon bomb pop! No worries, it’s all completely & easily washable!! And, no. I haven’t seen your dog.”

Chris Turns on the Beach Heat

“Posing 101: complement your beachwear with a sassy bit of body language (hoping that no one will notice the beach umbrella stuck in your head. Ouch…)”

                                                         –  Chris Mathews

Photos by Carl Nelson

Artistic Director: Lynn Nelson

Fashion With Chris

July 25, 2010


Editor’s Note:  For this summer issue, we asked Chris if he could take us to the beach.    This is the first of a several post report.

“I know you’re seeing the lovely lady in the large pink hat NOW, but the first thing your eye flew to was my protruding gut! This we were taught at Modeling Academy (or MA): to distract from more appealing sights, stick something out!!!  Works, don’t it? ”   

“Oooh, a man in a kilt. Nice legs, but, as in the song from that li’l ol’ band from Texas goes, does he “know how to use them”?”

“And HE DOES!!! Bend knee, right leg forward, bend left knee, left leg forward!!! (You’d be surprised how many models screw this up) And with no distractions, the gut is now covered & deflated!!! ”  – Chris

Photos by Carl Nelson

Artistic Director, Lynn Nelson

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