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October 14, 2010


Playwright Pulls Play – Dumps Seattle Actors!





Playwright Miryam Gordon pulled her play, Kiss the Girls Goodbye,¬†Monday night from the upcoming line-up of¬†short plays featured in The Seattle Playwrights’ Collective Page to Stage/Short Play Festival which opens this Friday evening at TPS4 in the Seattle Centerhouse.¬† After several weeks of rehearsal, Miryam together with Artistic Director Daniel Tarker decided to pull the plug after seeing its most recent performance at a ‘dry tech rehearsal’ Monday evening.¬† Miryam was reportedly upset because the actors had fumbled their lines, getting lost or repeating themselves at times.¬† Artistic Director Daniel Tarker characterized the performance as “lumpy”.¬†¬†¬†¬†

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Director Bill Selig¬†summarized with¬†this comment made by e mail:¬†¬† “No comment.”¬†

¬†Reached at his summer home in Carnation, actor Carl Nelson said, “When they dump a play, it’s always for reasons of production levels… quality of production.¬† It’s blamed on bungled lines, or the fact that we went over a couple pages of the script a couple times.¬† Big deal!¬† It only clarified what was basically a pretty ugly stew of unsatisfied sexual desire.¬† I don’t mind being kissed on stage, but I’ve got to say,¬†it ¬†felt pretty alone out there.¬† It was pretty quiet.¬† But, …if the audience had applauded loudly, trust me, our production readiness would have been found to be – if not, just fine – at least adequate.¬† And the theater would have accepted this play with open arms.”

Carl Nelson (KILLER) Is Firing Back at Scot Bastian (SARGE) in this 'dry-run' and only run of the play "Kiss the Girls Goodbye"

Finally, the Seattle Celebrity News will have to paraphrase what Scot Bastian had to say, as I’ve lost my notes.¬† But basically Scot had to say:

Look!¬† I played him as an angry guy, because that’s basically as he is written.¬†¬†So did I yell and scream a lot?¬† Well, sure!¬† Maybe it’s not a comedy.¬† Maybe there’s nothing here to laugh about.¬† Anyway, I’ve still got my cat.

Photos by Carl Nelson (except the one of Carl Nelson/Scot Bastian which is by Ellen Covey)


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