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Travelling Expenses

November 2, 2012

…and Poet

The Bloke.
I’m not a good bet he said, I’ve been in the bush too long, too self reliant too independent,
I wouldn’t know what to do with a woman’s love.
Don’t get me wrong, I love you, but I think you’d be better suited to city bloke,
I’m from the bush you’re from the city, I’m all dust and hinterland, you’re pale and smell of roses, I love the earth, you love shopping. Our cultures are as alien to each other as the ocean is to the land.

I’m a simple bloke and you’re, well, you’re more than that.
I don’t even know how we met, how you did that, walked into me and took my heart.

I have nothing that you could value apart from my love, and I know that doesn’t work in the city. If there was some way I could change myself I would probably do it even though I know I wouldn’t be happy having done it, if it meant I could wake with you next to me.

The thing is, I kind of function okay on my own. I have no expectations to live up to.
If I spend my last dollar at the pub, I have no one to blame but myself, I can take my own blame but I couldn’t take yours.

So just know this. There is a heart out here in the outback that will always love you, always know you, and every time I have to chase down the herd, or break a brumby, my heart will beat with the same strength that it did when we made love.
You made me know I was a man; you let me know what love is.
Copyright Paul Eenhoorn 2013

Photo from “Sizzle Shoot”

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