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Seattle Celebrity News!

January 15, 2011

More Interviews with the A/V The Movie Celebrities!


Here's Uber-Homeless-Man Andy in a Scene Shot by Bob Reed / Director of Photography



Bob Reed, Director of Photography, actually manages to play a role in the movie.  Here’s what Bob had to say: 

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Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 15, 2011

More Seattle Stars Attend A/V The Movie!

The red carpet was really out for the premiere of A/V The Movie.  Though the intitial screening was a rather closed event for crew and family, the Seattle Celebrity News! was able to wangle our way in and got to meet most of the stars.



We All Know the Drill

 Here’s James: 

James Thrush Plays a Frustrated Cubicle Worker

Photos by Carl Nelson


Seattle Celebrity News!

December 17, 2010

Trapping Sound for AV/The Movie

AV/The Movie to Have Screening

A/V The Movie, which travelled south to Tinsel Land for a while to get its post-production make-over, is having its first screening for participants and guests at the SIFF Cinema in McCall Hall, here in Seattle, January 3rd.  Visit their fine website at: 

Yours Truly did stills of this production.  They were a fine crew.  And the food was great while the money held out.  After that, well, we tightened out belts and suffered (but not too much)  for our art.  I think you’ll really enjoy the results.  I’m hoping to interview John Silva, Writer/Director of AV soon.  Stay tuned!

Photo by Carl Nelson

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