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Fashion With Chris

July 25, 2010


Editor’s Note:  For this summer issue, we asked Chris if he could take us to the beach.    This is the first of a several post report.

“I know you’re seeing the lovely lady in the large pink hat NOW, but the first thing your eye flew to was my protruding gut! This we were taught at Modeling Academy (or MA): to distract from more appealing sights, stick something out!!!  Works, don’t it? ”   

“Oooh, a man in a kilt. Nice legs, but, as in the song from that li’l ol’ band from Texas goes, does he “know how to use them”?”

“And HE DOES!!! Bend knee, right leg forward, bend left knee, left leg forward!!! (You’d be surprised how many models screw this up) And with no distractions, the gut is now covered & deflated!!! ”  – Chris

Photos by Carl Nelson

Artistic Director, Lynn Nelson

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