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Fashion with Chris

February 28, 2011

After a lot of work, here they are: my final words on the Elvis Invitational.


Elvis Invitational Wrap-Up


” A bold addition to the classic splashy white jumpsuit is multiple old glory scarves (hey, where’s the blue?) & … a moustache?! Elvis as gigolo!!! The movie he forgot to make!”

"Back view of Robert (no bad sides on this guy!)"

“Torso of ultra (23 years) pro Robert Washington. THIS is how ya do it!”



"Mike D. fronts the Graceland Five. Enough said."


"Fringe & a determined sneer are de rigeur!"


"Jim Dever shows off the Stay Puft Marshmelvis look!!!"



"Add B-Side Elvis & you got a black- clad stingin' good time!!"


" If the only costume ya gots is a t-shirt, make sure to have a phalanx of dancin' cuties!"


"The ultimate accoutrement! Peter "The Colonel" Verbrugge holds up the champ's belt. Ronnie Porter wears it this year."


Thank y’all very much…

Photos by Carl Nelson

"Emily Cappel as Money Honey, a show unto herself"

Fashion with Chris

February 23, 2011

Editor’s Note:  A lot of you have been getting upset about our lapsed coverage of the Elvis Invitationals.  Sorry!  We had to interrupt our coverage for breaking news.  But here is the denouement you’ve all been waiting for…  Except that first we want to post a bit of the dress standard for the event.  Start planning! those of you who are planning to attend next year’s event.

Elvis Invitational Audience Dress Standards

A Bit of Haute Coutre Showed Up

Formal Attire

Eclectic Goth Rockabilly

The Well-Heeled Were There

Everyone Wanted to Touch These to See If The Little Black Things Were Bumpy


Court Jester to The King

And finally: Let's Give It Up for the Lone Star State!

Photos by Carl Nelson

Fashion with Chris

February 2, 2011

Chris Was Sent These Images Over the Internet

Chris Takes a Hard Look At What Passes For Elvis NowADays

Editor’s Note:  Though there is an obvious ‘conflict of interest’, as our own Chris Mathews WAS one of the contestants – we don’t care.  (Well, actually, Chris might care a little but I pooh-poohed his concerns.  “For goodness sakes,” I said, “we pride ourselves on being a tabloid… and therefore somewhat irresponsible.  C’mon.  It’ll be fun.”)

"Blue was not a color Elvis wore much (but he was hugely BLUES-influenced), but Mike "Blue Calcutta" Weber pulls it off here, complete with exposed chest."

"Mike Dippery chooses the superhero look, complete with big ol' belt & cape (& adoring damsels)"

"Or you could do like Tor & opt for the simple ice cream suit with skinny tie. So many choices!"

“Host Jim Dever shows us the most garish choices: bad wig, big shades & mucho glitz!!! “

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

February 1, 2011

Lots of Flesh at the Elvis Invitationals

Editors Note:  I know.  I know!  I promised you burlesque dancers.  Well.  They’re here:

They served peanut butter and bananna sanwiches, an Elvis favorite.

They Seemed to Like the State of Texas


Poor photo, but great attitude.

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 25, 2011

And Consider These ELVI – Vote Now!


Clay Voltz Sang (and Tooted) "I Got A Feeling In My Body"



Whoops! Wrong Photo

Billy Joe Heultz Sang "One Night"

Photos by Carl Nelson

(And remember:  You can see all the photos by clicking Carl Nelson Photography in the blogroll at your right.)

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 25, 2011

More ELVIS Interviews – Keep Voting!

We Caught Joe Ty in the Dressing Room

Nathan Alidina Definately Looked Vegas Sharp

Robert Sakay Sang "It Hurts Me"

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 25, 2011

Elvis Interviews: Vote Ur Favorite!


Cha-chi definately has the panache.


Mike Weber Sang "Heartbreak Hotel" and Does His Own Sewing

Chris Mathews Did the B-Side Elvis with "I Got Stung"

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 22, 2011
“It’s Like a Cyclone Hit Us.”

Elvis Fever Sweeps Through Local Office!

Once the word about the Elvis Invitationals, January 8th, hit the streets, it’s as if the souls of the thousand neck-tied office workers rose up as the ONE – and throughout the greater business district began channelling Elvis.  Indeed, once Elvis Fever hit, it seems no one could keep His larger than life persona out of their head.  The following are just a few of the ‘possessions’ we were able to capture on tape:

John Bigelow: District Manager 

Donnell Steele: Works in Supplies 

Richard A Martin:  Technician 

(This last recording is particularly interesting, as you can actually hear the possession taking place within the first few moments of the interview.)

Michael James Gawenka: 

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 22, 2011

It’s a HOT Event at the MOTOR!

We're Talkin' A Lot of Burnin' Love

Backup Singers

Crowd at the MOTOR

...and Alcohol!

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 22, 2011

Elvis Invitationals Held at the MOTOR in Sodo



Yup! HE Was There


Joe Ty, One of the Elvi, Shows Off a Poster Featuring His Band at the Motor

The Elvi Emerge From Here

What's a Club Without Chicken Wire?

Photos by Carl Nelson

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