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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

June 3, 2011

Rita Develops the Power to Predict Earthquakes

Okay, this is a flood, not an earthquake. But it's the best I can do.

“They started about 2-3 months ago: I’d get a headache in the same spot in the right temple any time there is an earthquake a certain magnitude or a certain distance away. I didn’t connect them at first. Then I realized I had that weird headache for a couple of days before the big Japan earthquake and then during CA earthquake. 
Today I woke up with such a headache, but it wasn’t real bad. So my first thought was it wouldn’t be big or too close. Well, when I got home I looked up earthquakes today and there were 3: a 6.3 in Japan and a small one in CA. Then it said there were 2 more in CA an hour ago. Now, both me and my cat were feeling weird and nervous: she wouldn’t eat and sits in the hallway by the door – the safest place to be. I looked up online again: a small earthquake an hour ago NE of Enumclaw. My cat refuses to leave the hallway. I am charging my camera, just in case.”  – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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