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August 18, 2012

How to Catch and Kill a Fly with Your Bare Hand

 You needn’t be fast.  It’s a question of creating the trap and then, timing!  (But having a large hand may be a plus.)


Figures 1 & 2


First approach the sitting fly with your dominant hand.  (See figure 1.)  Notice that the fingers are moderately spread, like the bars on a cell.

As your hand gets closer to the fly, the fly must decide what to do.  (See figure 2.) 

Figure 3

The fly will act when your hand is within a certain distance.  (See figure 3.)  If the distance to safety is made shorter by flying between your fingers, then this is the direction in which the fly will fly.

Figure 4

By trying to trap the fly repeatedly, you will discern at what distance the fly will make his move.  You need simply to begin closing your fingers together slightly before this distance, and then tightly as you continue… and the fly is yours!  (See figure 4.)


Illustrations by Carl Nelson

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