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Travelling Expenses

January 18, 2012

One Upside the Head, from Paul

"You can take this to the bank!"

“John Huntsman would have made a good President. He would be a good Vice President. Mitt Romney on the other hand has proven he likes money, he is supported by money, and as Wall Street as shown over and over again, making money doesn’t require an IQ, nor does it require an allegiance to the American flag, or the society it preys on. I am an observer but my guess is that Romney is the biggest mistake this country could make. Thank God he has no chance of winning the Presidency. Unless of course The Supreme Court gets involved. Your Incumbent has fought tooth and nail against an obstructionist republican hate machine, because he is black and he is smart and he is a democrat. I am grateful to this country for offering me more opportunity than any other I could live in, but really? Romney equals wall street and corporatism, he is a vacuous slug who has flip flopped on every principal that the better man would have taken a stand on. Do you really want a man who will stand for nothing? If so you will fall for anything.” – Paul Eenhoorn

Photo taken from the movie, The Dead Men


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