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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

April 1, 2011

Rita Lands Appointment with Mini Mart Bigwig

People Who Can Make Things Happen Are Usually Busy

“I got a first REAL appointment with a guy who runs the mini marts in CD on Monday 5 to 7 pm!
I talked to him about it a bit every time I came into his store, and today he told me he will bring a list of all the stuff he wants to sell online at 5pm on Monday and discuss business. Yahoo! Wow! It wasn’t like a student whiny thing; I told him that I’m working real hard at learning how to market stuff online, and I just suffered 6 miserable hours of like picking rice grains from a pile of sand, because they spent 3 out of 6 hours trying to sell their e-store at exorbitant prices and almost kicked me out for being a web designer. I promised the asshole that wanted to kick me out that I was just a student and had no money and wanted to learn the best way to go about building an e-store, and he had no right to kick me out because I paid for the class. So he left me alone, and I got my net book and I picked a few grains of wisdom out of a lot of BS.
So I went down to the neighborhood store to get a pack of cigarettes and the manager of all the local stores was there, and we talked for a few minutes, and he agreed to meet with me on Monday.
I told him to write a list of all the stuff he wants to sell, and then to imagine himself a customer, and write down all the possible ways he could think of what they’d search for. Shit, if he actually sits down and puts in the effort, he’s mine for keeps. Because a busy man like that would value his time in doing homework. Once I got his list, he wouldn’t want to do it again.
So I will sit down with him and go over his list and give him an estimate of how much it would cost him to do all that, and it will be only a half of what anyone else would charge. So I think I got the deal.
Feels damn good just to be able to work with someone for real, not just a bunch of people that want something for nothing, getting referrals from college for free interns who will be their slaves for the next few months.”  – Rita

Caveat:  Photo of Mini Mart Big Wig by Carl Nelson taken using a professional model.  (Repy to this blog for contact information.)

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