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Seattle Celebrity News!

May 19, 2012

Jorj Knocks Them Dead as a Fetus

Interutero Jorj is Astonished to Find Something Growing in His Pajamas

Our own playwright/actor Jorj Savage is onstage yet again, in Scot Bastian’s latest mind-bending playlet, “The Children’s Chronicles”.  In another role he has virtually ‘made his own’, Jorj first plays a fetus.  Later, we follow him as he takes his first baby steps to reclaim his patrimony.  Buoyed in his role by his SIS, played by the redoubtable Josie Delillis – these two savage the comic landscape as they accoust their delinquent father  (PEPINO played by Will Phillips) on a beach drinking beer and leering at the ladies.  You will have a chance to see it again at the Seattle Playwrights Showcase this Sunday at 7pm at ArtsWest.  Wine and treats are also served.  And Jorj usually comes out to say ‘hi’ to all of his many fans.  (If you would like something signed, bring it, wear it, or expose it!)


Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

May 12, 2012

Jorj plays the fighter in John Ruoff’s “Half Moon Inn”

Jorj Savage is Onstage Again!

Continuing his successful relationship with WARP Theater in Seattle, Jorj Savage appears in another ‘knock-out’ play by John Ruoff.   And this is only one-tenth of what is offered in WARP’s current production of 10 Short Plays in May.  Old standby writers such as John and Rita and Jorj, himself, deliver the goods.  But there are also several new, and very promising upstarts – judging from the plays we’ve seen here, such as: Bryan Harthorne, Betsy Geller and John Paul Sharp.  It’s a rarely shared fact, but a large portion of the playwrights who later went on to garner major productions in the equity theaters around town, first passed through WARP (or its predecessor, DAMN) on their way to the big leagues.  Maybe you ought to save some money and catch them on their way up!  There’s still room (I hope.)  The run continues tonight and tomorrow.  For more information go to:

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

May 4, 2012

Jorj Savage: the first OLLIE


Editor:  The Dangerous Theatre in Denver has picked up the Ollie ‘spirit’  (first embodied by our own Jorj Savage – see interview right here: )  And opening night is today!  Catch a bus, or catch a flight… but put this on your bucket list.

Ollie’s Day Out

Written by Carl Nelson

Directed by Patricial Goodman

Featuring the talents of Art Goodman, Hannah Richards & Ben Telayo


Are you ever too old to appreciate the beauty of a young woman? Ollie doesn’t think so. At the age of 84 he seeks out beauty wherever he can. He finds Niki alone and not so patiently waiting for her boyfriend in a hotel bar. By the time Paul shows up Ollie has fallen in love with Niki. She has grown fond of Ollie and is not about to let Paul off the hook so easily for being late.

May 4 – June 10, 2012

{NOTE: No performances over Memorial Day Weekend}

Fridays at 7:30 & Saturdays at 7:00

Sundays 6/3 & 10 @ 1:00 (includes brunch in the ticket price)
Tickets $20.00

$5.00 Discount for students, seniors, military and members of the

Colorado Theatre Guild.

Seattle Celebrity News!

November 1, 2011

WARP Show Sells Out!


Years careening forward without any quality control whatsoever is finally paying off for WARP (Writers and Actors Performing Now).  Sold out shows are becoming the rule as WARP touted up another win, finishing this past Sunday with their matinee Halloween extravaganza, “Products of a WARPed Imagination”.  Especially successful were  John Ruoff’s Seahorse Moon, Scot Bastian’s Missing the Boat, Donna Van Norman’s The Visitor, and Multiple Vocationalities by Dale Kazdan.  A surprise cameo by our own favorite actor/playwright/columnist, Jorj Savage certainly didn’t hurt attendance.   

Especially fun was this suicide on stage via Drano, in a play written by our own Rita Andreeva.  Watch it, complete with creepy music, on this well-done video.  (My favorite part, where Rose Kinne tosses her cookies, is a couple minutes in.)

To see a fuller range pictures of the event, got to: Carl Nelson Photography (link on the right) 

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

September 30, 2011

Jorj & Kristina Thelan

 The word is out!  our own Jorj  has been cast in another play.  This time it’s JACK AND THE SEAHORSE MOON, written by John Ruoff.  The word is – (and as it appears) – Jorj just can’t turn down acting opposite a beautiful woman.  I, like, TOTALLY understand….   For more complete information, go to:

Photo by Carl Nelson

From the Editor’s Perch

September 1, 2011



In case you’ve been wondering, ‘what’s the hold-up on the postings’?  Your editor, besides becoming a proud father, is also directing/shooting/editing a short movie written by Scot Bastian called Frying Saucers.  …It’s the deep South on a hot day.  BOB comes by to have a talk with his friend SLIM regarding some thoughts he’s been having, concerning, “Patterns.  Patterns which explain a few things.” …Mystery seems to have enveloped the small Southern town of Colby Junction.  We had a good response to both stage productions.  So we thought we’d try our chances with this short movie.

Scot Bastain plays BOB and Jorj Savage plays SLIM. 

P. S.  Rita is still plugging along.

Slim struggles to get his mind around what Bob is saying.

"I've come across a few patterns. Patterns which explain a few things."

Mysteries Abound in this Short Movie

Photos by Carl Nelson


Seattle Celebrity News!

April 6, 2011

Sneak Preview of Upcoming 8 Plays Over Easy !

Editor:  Our photographer was able to sneak in, steal a few shots in the confusion of a busy Tech Rehearsal, and steal away to report this:



Photos by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

March 16, 2011

“You’ve heard versions and different scenes of the play at least a dozen times.  Man, 73, meets woman in her 20’s outside the Key Arena, where she has just been bounced from a concert for disorderly behavior—and without her coat!  Well, folks, that “man” turns 75 this week!  That’s right.  Jorj Savage, who created this story loosely based on his brief encounter with a young woman at the Seattle Center, will be three-quarters of a century old, in a little over a week.  Time to celebrate!” – Donna Van Norman

Rita Andreeva Painted This Portrait of Jorj (as the Tragedy Mask) for His Birthday Present From Her
Editor’s Note:  It was quite a Tuesday at WARP evening, full of limericks, testimonial  (Donna Van Norman), hip-hop (courtesy of Dan Green – a big crowd pleaser), musical numbers (courtesy of Scot Bastain), artwork, and finally a nice speech by Jorj himself.  Jorj’s life has collected people into the theater like a fine garment which seems to attract lint like crazy.  And all the lint showed up last night to honor him, (yours truely, included). 

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

February 19, 2011
Editor’s Note:  I can’t help saying that I think The Three Penny Opera is just a lovley name for a piece of theater.


The Three Penny Opera

Jorj Preparing to Attend the Theater

The Seattle Shakespeare Company is staging the Brecht/Weill “Three Penny Opera” using the Intiman Theater.  I saw this musicial off-Broaday in the early 1960’s with Lotte Lenya as Pirate Jenny.  It was dark and haunting and created a Germanic mood and Mac the Knife was as bad dude.  When he appeared and they said bodies found cement graves you believed it.  New York City and its teeming streets added to the ambience.

The Three Penny Opera” is allegedly about beggars and thieves and I don’t think the show takes their world seriously.  It’s like “Lets enjoy the music and let the women rip.” The male roles are played by lovable guys.  Russell Hodgkinson is an amazing performer, a clown of the highest order, but hardly the man to play the leader of the thieves.  And John Bogar has a pleasant middle class nice guy manner that is anything but a dangerous chick magnet and killer.  Both actors play the lines and give incredible performances but where is the dark side?

On the women’s side Jerek Hoffer and Julie Briskman and Jayne Muirhead especially are tough chicks who rage against Macheath with such power that you think you’re back in “Macbeth.”  I loved it.  All the women were strong! strong! strong! which made the male leads look all the weaker.

So that’s the show.  It’s well done and fun and a modern interpertation.  Women directed BABS AND THE DODO, THE BROTHERS SIZE and THE MISANTHROPE and in two of those shows the women were strong. There are no women in BROTHER’S SIZE but a female director brought two guys out of prison to life.

The Three Penny Opera runs three full hours and has two intermissions and Brecht’s messages like “First feed and face and then teach right and wrong!” get in your face with full force.


Photo by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

February 8, 2011

The Brothers Size at the Seattle Rep


Jorj Often Finds Time to Think About the Plays He’s Seen While Digging in the Backyard.

 “Tarell Alvin McCraney’s play THE BROTHERS SIZE has it’s offical opening Wednesday February 9th and runs at The Seattle Rep. mainstage through February 27th.  In the cast are three Black males from the world of the Black street.  The main character, Oshoosi is just out of prison.  I’ve always felt the world of the Black folk play could rival the Irish plays for theatricality, poetry and existentialist joy and pain. There should be ten plays being produced from this world.  This one just re-opens the door that August Wilson opened.  Had we heard it read at SPS we could have said its too talky in places, needed more plot and maybe the homosexual theme wasn’t necessary or else needed more development but that’s just quibbling.  There is a rendition of the Otis Redding song “She Gets Weary” that is better than Otis Redding himself.  Don’t not go.” –  Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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