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September 28, 2010

“People ask us all the time…”

“Singapore Television Station wanted to BUY our script.”

On the Road

Photo by Carl Nelson

Introductions: Some “Sex in Seattle” Players

September 22, 2010

Editor’s Note:  We’ll start by introducing you to several of the actors of  Sex in Seattle.

Photos by Carl Nelson

Sex in Seattle

September 21, 2010
Editor’s Note:  What keeps a show playing to excited young audiences for 10 years?  What keeps civilizations bubbling for several centuries?  The Editor found his way to the Hugo House to file this report.

You Won't Find Anyone Napping In Episode #18

(This recorded interview with creators and cast is being prepared.  Check back to hear it in its entirety… only here on the Seattle Celebrity News!)

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

September 11, 2010
Editor’s Note:  The Seattle Celebrity News! hopes to crack this cloistered group in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Jorj Takes Another Look at Sex In Seattle

Sex in Seattle!

 (hint:  It’s hot!)

Sex-in-Seattle – Episode 18 opens tomorrow.  My playwright friend Scot and I saw the dress/preview tonight 9/9/10) at Richard Hugo House.  If you have never heard of SIS it’s a continuing comic soap opera written by Kathy Hsieh in which twenty somethings date, mate, and misbehave and try to find true love.

In this episode Jenna is pregnant but the father could be Adam…or Nathan…or even Colin. They all want to marry her.  But Colin lives with Tess who makes a play for Nathan while Elizabeth who loves George but doesn’t know it is romanced by her estranged millionare husand Harold and by Nathan also.  Chloe, played by Miko Premo, ends up with George who loses his virginity.  The show is done with a stylized quick cut energy so that actors play out scenes in which they are not in the same room and these scenes are kind of in someone’s imagination.  The pace is fast and furious.  There is more than innuendo.  The character’s come right out and say it, especially Tess played by Leilani Berinobis.  “I want to get laid!” she shouts.

If you are twenty-something and you are dating someone and you want things to heat up then bring them to this show.  In one scene Elizabeh is talking with Nathan about his rabbit named BJ and she says she wants it to get bigger and so on and we know she’s really talking about something other than the rabbit.

I learned who the father of Jenna’s baby is but I’ve been asked not to tell.


Photo by Carl Nelson

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