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Seattle Celebrity News!

October 12, 2010

Editor’s note:  WARNING:  This post is rated R for graphic violence!


A home invasion was halted in one of the palatial homes in the celebrity enclaves in the foothills of the Washington Cascades Monday, October 11th.  Crime Scene Investigators now place the time as “sometime in the morning hours”.  The perpetrator apparently entered the home by insinuating themselves between the water pipe and the wall flange of the upstairs master bath.  Investigators have preliminarily classified the altercation as “self-defense”.  When questioned further by our reporters – in light of the massive amount of blood found at the scene – the local playwright/director/actor would only say:  “I was defending my home!  I was merely defending my home!” 

The body has been removed to the Woodinville Sanitation Station for further examination, and disposal.  In light of the fact that the body was found in such close proximity to the upstairs bedroom, and that the woman of the home was apparently “out of town” at the time, authorities  would not comment further in light of the ongoing investigation and discouraged further speculation.

Initially, the family dog was first on the Scene.

  Photo by Carl Nelson

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