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Seattle Celebrity News!

July 20, 2011

"Whatever it takes!"

Celebrated Actor to Produce Movie Here! 

Paul Eenhoorn has scripted an independent movie soon to be shot in Seattle.  This celebrated Seattle actor, who plays the role of ‘Pops’ in the recently produced for TV pilot, The Divine Marigolds, has already assembled crew and backers for the shoot.  And Paul plans also to direct the feature, currently titled ROOM 13.   What’s it about?  In Paul’s words: “I can only describe it as a dance.  It’s about what happens to people who introduce a piece or a story about themselves that is captivating, and sad.”  To hear more about Paul, click on our exclusive Seattle Celebrity News! interview with Paul Eenhoorn posted HERE, last year.  

If you would like to become somehow involved in a movie production, (without having to move to Hollywood and smooze smug, sleazy, morally bankrupt producers and end up taking drugs and stuff and/or humiliating/debasing/selling your lovely flesh, (too cheaply, I’m sure!…) go to:   Backers are always welcome.  Helpers are often welcome.  Hangers on are sometimes welcome.  (Could depend upon how well you hang.  (I said that, not Paul.)  Give it a shot.  Whatever, you’ll like Paul I’m sure. – Editor 

Photo by Unknown

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 13, 2011

Local Independent Movie Premiere

of A/V The Movie


John Silva, Writer/Director, Thanked Us All

”One of the cast members, thought he’s not here in person…  He’s here in cardboard

JP Giuliotti Was a No Show

Andy Tribolini

 “It’s ‘Trih – bow – lee – nee.'”

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 13, 2011

Local Movie Premiere!

On The Big Screen

All the Luminaries Were Here


The Fabulous Willow Kelly

“It has… original music.”





Played the Omnipresent Homeless

“Andy said the DAMN word…”

Photos by Carl Nelson

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