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Plays and Such by Jorj Savage

July 18, 2010

If You Watch A Lot of Plays...You Must Prepare Yourself Physically...As Well As Mentally


I went to see this play at Taproot with my playwright friend Mari Salinas and we had standby comps which got us, by chance, front row seats in a sold out house.     I’d seen the original production of MAN OF LA MANCHA on Broadway back in the 60’s at Lincoln Center and last years staging at Sand Point.  This was differfent in that it was intimate and the ensemble cast worked together to act out the play within a play.  The theme of the idealist waging war with life as it is runs through my plays as well.  Someone demmands of Don Quioxte “See life as it is!”  His reply is one of my favorite speeches in all theater.  “I have seen life as it is…” he begins and he goes on to say he was soldier and held men in his arms as they died asking not why they must die but why they had lived. He ends by saying we must see life not as it is but as it ought to be. Every part was well played and they all had strong singing voices but my friend Mari particulary liked Don Darrly Rivera as Sancho Panza.”  – Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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