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Fashion with Chris

February 2, 2011

Chris Was Sent These Images Over the Internet

Chris Takes a Hard Look At What Passes For Elvis NowADays

Editor’s Note:  Though there is an obvious ‘conflict of interest’, as our own Chris Mathews WAS one of the contestants – we don’t care.  (Well, actually, Chris might care a little but I pooh-poohed his concerns.  “For goodness sakes,” I said, “we pride ourselves on being a tabloid… and therefore somewhat irresponsible.  C’mon.  It’ll be fun.”)

"Blue was not a color Elvis wore much (but he was hugely BLUES-influenced), but Mike "Blue Calcutta" Weber pulls it off here, complete with exposed chest."

"Mike Dippery chooses the superhero look, complete with big ol' belt & cape (& adoring damsels)"

"Or you could do like Tor & opt for the simple ice cream suit with skinny tie. So many choices!"

“Host Jim Dever shows us the most garish choices: bad wig, big shades & mucho glitz!!! “

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 25, 2011

Elvis Interviews: Vote Ur Favorite!


Cha-chi definately has the panache.


Mike Weber Sang "Heartbreak Hotel" and Does His Own Sewing

Chris Mathews Did the B-Side Elvis with "I Got Stung"

Photos by Carl Nelson

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