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Travelling Expenses…

April 24, 2014

Paul Does the Big Apple

Paul Eenhoorn with colleagues at the Tribeca Film Festiveal 2014

Paul Eenhoorn with colleagues at the Tribeca Film Festiveal 2014

Just to bring you all up to date, here’s Paul in New York City!

Look for his film, “Land Ho!” coming to a theater (fairly) near you!

Picture taken from website.

Seattle Celebrity News!

March 28, 2014

Lazzo Laughs6WEb Lazzo Laughs9bWEb

Troupe Comique to Make a Movie

While shooting promo photos for the upcoming Midnight Mystery Theater, (Coming to the Eclectic Theater in May.  Watch for it!), Mystery Theater writer/director and producer John Ruoff, revealed in a private chat that he was planning to produce a full length silent movie utilizing the Theater Comique players.  This is all he was wont to say.  (And, of course, it’s just about useless speaking to a mime, except to say that they appeared very excited!)

John Ruoff / Artistic Provocatuer

John Ruoff / Artistic Provocatuer

Midnight Mystery Theater Players

Midnight Mystery Theater Players

Photos by Carl Nelson


Travelling Expenses

April 13, 2013
Paul Before (actually midway through production)

Paul Before (actually midway through production)

ROOM 13  –  Premier!

Well!  Movies take a little while to realize.  But Paul is almost there.  Above is a promotional clip made during its creation.   The upcoming release of his short, Room 13, will premier in the upcoming Seattle True International Film Festival on May 10, 6-9pm.  For full information, go to:

And if your are interested in a breakdown of what it costs to create a movie, such as this…  (Note.  We have not measured the blood, sweat, and tears.)  Go to:

Paul After

Paul Afterwards, When It’s In the Can

Popcorn available! (everywhere good movies are shown).

Photos by Somebody.

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