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Murders in Progress by Eldon Cene

March 29, 2013
High School Graduation Photo of Eldon Cene

High School Graduation Photo of Eldon Cene

Eldon Cene

(1927 – 2008)

Eldon Cene died in Lompoc prison in 2008 after writing 31 unpublished novels.  (The last of which, Murders in Progress, is featured here.)

He often said that incarceration was “the best thing that ever happened to me.  I got three squares and more privacy than most men can afford.  I could never actually kick being a criminal.  I’d thought it was just my true nature.   Until I got in here and realized that all I really wanted to do was to write and make up shit.”

He is currently buried in a potter’s graveyard just outside the prison walls.
“It’s the only way some of us are ever getting out of here,” he added.

He was born Sheldon Obsein in Pine Rock, Texas.  But adopted Eldon Cene as his pen name, “’cause it sounded better,” he said.

Photo from family archives.

Murders in Progress…

September 3, 2012

(Episode 2)

Mowing the Lawn

Ramey, a local dentist, (when he wasn’t a practicing psychic) had a sudden vision… ran inside, still dripping sweat, and called the Sheriff’s hotline.

All he had seen for sure was what looked like the edge of an old oil drum, maybe six cows, and a pasture that it seemed he had passed on the way home.

Photo by Carl Nelson

Murders in Progress

August 29, 2012

Editor’s Note:  We are starting a new column here, Murders in Progress, by serialized murder writer, Eldon Cene

Gravel road with two pickups.

            A grisly murder had occurred just down the road from where Joe worked afternoons as cashier at the Mini Mart.  And then, just yesterday, the severed head had been found in a field just a quarter of a mile from the path Joe walked home alone after work in the late afternoon.  The rumor was that the head had been severed with a large hunting knife, at least that was what the coroner was rumored to have said.  So of course all of the hunters in the area were put on watch. 

            And since the head was that of a (formerly) comely woman, it was presumed the perpetrator was a man.  And when two different makes of tire treads but just one brand of beer can were found at the scene, (plus cigarette butts which had been used to burn out the  eyes – and then planted, ‘arranged’ actually, on the burns), everybody was looking for smokers who drove pickups, liked to hunt, and who drank beer.

            This narrowed it to just about everybody in the area who had testicles… and several who didn’t.

            Joe sighed and inhaled deeply, as he set off down the narrow gravel strip of road which was part of the route between the Mini Mart and his home.

Photo by Carl Nelson

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