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From the Editor’s Perch

February 6, 2011

the artists of ART WALK


I visited a building of studios at 3rd & Washington:

Artist Kate Vrimoet in Her Studio with Painting at 3rd & Washington

And another warren – or maybe a beehive of studios, performance spaces, small art factories – at SIX19.  Watching these young adults out to mate and line up their lives around something authentic brought back memories of decades ago.  Wow!  I thought.  It hasn’t changed that much.  Exciting, depressing, penurious, hectic…

Entrance to Incredible Warren of Studios on Western

The Stairway Up

Manager of The Satori Group is Being Interviewed in Their Space Prior to a 'Teaser' Performance.

Tammy Deneau makes Wearable Art Masks:

Photos by Carl Nelson 

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 21, 2011

And WE were there!  Chris Mathews will be covering the Fashion end of the event.  And Yours Truly will be offering up taped interviews with Elvis Impersonators (done in character).  You can vote for your favorite!  Right here.  Vote as many times as you like.  (Just fill out the comment box.)  – AND, in order to establish a baseline, we will be posting other Elvis interviews – done with your average man in the street .  So, you can gauge how good these pretenders to the throne actually are.  Are they a cut above your street level Joe?  Find out!  Listen to them all in the upcoming posts.  Watch for them!

Photos by Carl Nelson

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