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From the Editor’s Perch

December 19, 2012

Editor’s Note:  Here’s your present.  Unwrap it carefully or with complete abandon.  I don’t care, because now I’m off for the Holidays!  Look for many new events to come in “Murders in Progress”, to resume in a week or so.


My Christmas Present to You:


If you are one of those people haunted by the impulse to make the ‘wrong’ or ‘inappropriate’ remark, then the Onion might be for you.  Or if you are a person who would just love to see the darker side of an issue represented at least to some extent, or baring that, just …hinted at – then the Onion might be for you.  Or, if you’re the sort of nasty person who just revels in satire, here again, the Onion might be just for you.  Or if you are looking for writers who can just voice the obvious reality in this politically correct day and age, without being tagged with a pink letter and marched off to that special place beyond the pale to be gassed later  (okay, a BIT of hyperbole) – then the Onion might be for you.


A (lefty) friend recently remarked, “You are a puzzle.  How can you love the Onion so, when they are so Left Wing?”


Well, there are a couple reasons.  Satire and sarcasm have perfected a style for promulgating the truth, which cannot be violated, even by the preferences of the writer themselves.  If a satirical piece doesn’t ring true; it doesn’t ring funny.  Match this to the Onion’s, very often, impeccable writing skills and you get this piece of masterful observation:,30724/


Also, watch how the Onion can do an end run around the political gristmill, and let a little air out of the leading stories otherwise too hot to touch:,30762/


Plus, often it’s just damned funny about the personal day to day:,30474/


Onion_8174068 (Photo credit: SoraZG)


So, pour yourself a rum and coke and take a break from the Christmas doings with the Onion.  It’s a vegetable; so it’s good for you.


Logo & photo lifted from the web by Carl Nelson


Seattle Celebrity News!

October 30, 2012

From the Editor’s Desk of the Seattle Celebrity News!

Happy Halloween!




Photo by Carl Nelson of a professional model

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