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Seattle Celebrity News!

October 4, 2011

ROOM 13 – Production Update!

When no FX makeup artist was available on short notice for ROOM 13, Aria Elf created this burn torture scar herself. Not bad for her first time.

Q:  Did she draw on her painting experience to do this?

Aria Elf, ROOM 13 Editor responds:  “Since oils and the substances I was using didn’t have the same properties at all, and felt very different on the brushes. Even the brushes were different. And then people move and breathe and get hot or itchy, unlike canvases that can sit still…forever! so a belly application especially was tricky. But just being trained as a visual artist helped with matching skin tone, blending and imagining a visual idea and being able to implement it,” she answered.

Remark: “My god, you’re an artist!”

A:  “Well, to be fair I do have a degree in oil painting, so it’s not the first time I’ve used a brush or anything… just… latex on a person! Laugh 🙂

Photo by Unknown.


Seattle Celebrity News!

September 29, 2011

ROOM 13 Moves Towards Production

“Hi Everyone. We are two days away from shooting ROOM 13. We have a great crew and everyone is doing their job to make sure things flow smoothly. Then there is me. I offered to direct via Skype but that idea went down liuke a lead balloon so I will have to be there. I can tell you I have not slept well for a while.. More as we shoot”.  – Paul Eenhorn

Photo:  by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

September 17, 2011

Room 13 Update

“Last night we had a table read of ROOM 13 with the actors and covered some ground on some more character development and shots. It was good to hear the dialogue, what worked and what need to be reworked. We don’t have a scipt lock yet but we are getting close to a final. Next is setting up our production protocols with the help of Will Chase Allen Esparza Ross Hotchkiss and his crew.” – Paul Eenhorn

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