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Seattle Celebrity News!

January 18, 2013
Lisa Coronado:  Actress / Co-owner/Manager Corwood Productions LLC

Lisa Coronado: Actress / Co-owner/Manager Corwood Productions LLC

Those Divine Marigolds are on the Move!

Lisa Coronado reports on Facebook:  “Divine Marigolds meeting. Things are moving:)”

To bring yourself up to date, check our past postings on The Divine Marigolds here on the Seattle Celebrity News!  beginning here:

Photo lifted from Facebook

Travelling Expenses

September 9, 2012

Editor:  Paul’s film is nearing completion.

Setting of the Scene

“Room 13 is in final edit. All cast and crew have been paid and the final cut is now a month away. From there it will go to a local studio for credit roll and graphics. It should hit festivals early next year. Thanks for you patience and support friends. It has been a tough road back.. But I did discover who my friends were. Film at 11…”  – Paul Eenhoorn

Photo by Unknown

Seattle Celebrity News!

June 8, 2012

Divine Marigolds Goes to Hollywood


(Editor:  Notice the green shirt.)

“Bobby Cory (a masterful pitcher) and I just pitched 11 companies on The Divine Marigolds and 8 reality tv shows (under the auspices of Evergolden Entertainment). The last company we pitched, CAA had a very positive response to Marigolds. Regardless of the outcome, I want to thank all of you who have supported this amazing journey. I could NOT have done this without your support. Mad love people, mad love. — at Roosevelt Poolside.”  – Will Phillips

Photo by Unknown


Seattle Celebrity News!

October 14, 2011

ROOM 13 Creator Suffers Illness!


Article and photo taken from Facebook.

From the Editor’s Perch

August 6, 2011
I’ve Sweated This Out


Look at That Space Above Your Sofa!

“Every time your Editor posts a note the readership drops off.  So I’ve waited until we’re safely into the double digits before tilting these words at my latest windmill…

It has always seemed to me that one of the reasons for Art, is that it makes that space on the wall above our sofas look more interesting.  No harm.  The reverse of this, however, is that if you do purchase a work of Art to hang above your sofa – you do so because you would rather look at that Art than at a blank wall.

Which brings me to a criticism of actors which I make after directing on several occasions for the local stage.  Contemporary actors often seem to feel that if their acting embodies their character, then they have done their job.  But consider this for a minute in light of what I’ve said above:  The wall above your sofa perfectly embodies that wall.  A brick embodies a brick; a stone a stone…  The list, of course, is infinite.  Everybody you will pass on the street downtown perfectly embodies themselves.  Is everybody on the street interesting to watch?  Or are they interesting enough to PAY to watch?  …you’re right to keep a tight grip on your wallet.

A common feeling in the acting community is that ‘since I am good at what I do, I should be paid for it’.  The Producer’s reply to this demand is, “When you make me money, I will pay you money.”   This attitude among actors is a prime reason that so many fairly good shorts and films that get produced locally go nowhere – to the frustration of all involved.  The actors all feel they’ve done their job.  But by the producers benchmark they have failed.  And I think they fail because the actors have not recognized that they are in sales.  It is not enough to be a character; you have to SELL that character.  When you’ve sold your character, the person in the audience says to themselves, “I’m with THEM.”  That’s a fan, and that’s a paying customer. 

In most local films, I’ve seen very few actors who are willing to sell.  And when there is one who does, the character is so often so peripheral that there is no place for the audience to follow them to.  This common artistic mentality on the part of local actors seems to be the same with failed salespersons everywhere:  “ I showed up.  I worked hard.  I presented the product very professionally and credibly to lots of people.”  These hopeful ‘salespeople’ never realize that they weren’t selling; they were having conversations.  Selling is making people act.  Selling is making people want to DO something.  Selling is WANTING and ASKING and CLOSING.

I recently saw the film, “Aliens and Cowboys” (or “Cowboys and Aliens” – one or the other?).  In the first portion of the movie I was surprised that Daniel Craig struck me as the better actor, and that Harrison Ford seemed to measure up short by comparison.  He just didn’t quite feel right in his character.  Daniel Craig is so strongly carved as to feel almost feral, and he certainly was riveting to watch as the tough, violent, lone Westerner.  But in the latter half of the movie, as soon as Harrison Ford softened and produced his famous wizened, half-smile – my immediate reaction was, “I’m with him.”  Harrison Ford knows how to sell himself (and his characters).  There is a reason for his box office success.”  – Editor

Photo by Anonymous

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 13, 2011

Local Independent Movie Premiere

of A/V The Movie


John Silva, Writer/Director, Thanked Us All

”One of the cast members, thought he’s not here in person…  He’s here in cardboard

JP Giuliotti Was a No Show

Andy Tribolini

 “It’s ‘Trih – bow – lee – nee.'”

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

January 13, 2011

Local Movie Premiere!

On The Big Screen

All the Luminaries Were Here


The Fabulous Willow Kelly

“It has… original music.”





Played the Omnipresent Homeless

“Andy said the DAMN word…”

Photos by Carl Nelson

A Producer’s Diary with Will Chase

November 27, 2010

Will Chase / Producer

An Open Letter for The Divine Marigolds

“Its been a bit since last I posted, so my apologies in advance.  I am currently (still) digesting the last of my Thanksgiving meal, which I enjoyed with friends and family out at a restaurant.  No dishes, no disgruntled arguments as to whose stuffing is best, or why defrosting a pumpkin pie heating and eating is similar to the genocide of the 1st Nation People(I just learned that moniker, and for those of you who dont know who the 1st Nation People are…Native Americans, or Indians, if you are insensitive and slightly ignorant)  It was GLORIOUS! But I digress. 
I would like to make a shout out to all the folks who made a brilliant effort on the Pilot shoot of the new television series, The Divine Marigolds.  I am a producer of said series, and it was a long and arguous three days.  Not so much for myself, but for the cast and crew of the show.  We had crew members who effortlessly (that might be a bit strong) worked 15 hour days, and had smiling faces to boot.  Not one member of the crew complained, that I could remember, and the cast brought their A-Game, creating honest, real, and affecting performances.  For this I am thankful.  For each and everyone of you who stepped up to the plate, pointed to left field and proceeded to blast it out of the park,  I am thankful.  For the confidence that each member of our team had in their producers, I am thankful.  But mostly, I am thankful that Seattle’s Independant Film industry is beginning to realize that we have a large pool of creditable crew members, a deep pool of fantastic talent, and producers who are willing to have the courage of their convictions.  So, thank you to my fellow producers on the Divine Marigolds.  I bought a ticket to ride the train about 8 months ago, and I’m not getting off until the end of the line. 
I am truly blessed to work with such fearless cohorts.  You complete me.”  – Will

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

October 28, 2010
The Divine Marigolds ramps up:

Starlet Preparing / Shoot Begins this Coming Month

Director Flown in From LA!

Shooting to begin mid-November

Flash!  According to Producer Will Chase, initial filming of the TV Pilot The Divine Marigolds is to begin this mid-November at a West Seattle location.  The initial shoot  should take 2 days.  And an LA Director is being flown in special, apparently to deposit a little of that lucky  Hollywood pixie dust onto this talented local effort.  Stay tuned.  We will be offering full coverage. 

Photo by Carl Nelson

A Producer’s Diary with Will Chase

September 2, 2010
Editor’s Note:  We caught up with Will for a moment of his time.
To aspiring writers…

“Writers.  Each day (I shouldn’t say each day, as I”m a Seattle producer) I have a new script that is just “brilliant” and needs my resources for it to live out a long and prosperous life on the big screen, small screen, direct to dvd screen, or download.  It is really encouraging to know that everyone who wants to write a script thinks that it will “make it.” I want to send out a piece of advice: Write five scripts before you show them to anyone.  They all suck.  Believe me.  This is not my sole opinion.  I have been to more film making panels with more film making professionals on them in the last 3 years than I care to count.  And everytime I sit down, I wait and wait, until one of the producers or writers or directors on that panel gets the question, “I have a feature length script, my first, and I’d like to know the best way to get it produced.” Without fail, one of the panel members will bring up the “Gold Meter.”  Ernest Hemingway made this phrase famous when asked at what point in his career did he know that he was a good writer.  He replied (I’m paraphrasing) “Write four or five books then the junk will get flushed out.  Know your Gold Meter.”  If only more playwrites and screenwriters had the benefit of this knowledge, there would be far less flim flam flying around.  Of course, now it is not enough to just have a good screenplay;  you must have a business plan, a Facebook Fanpage, a team of lawyers and if you are really serious about writing, an agent.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone from writing the next Taxi Driver, or Memento, but stay realistic.  Those writers had been writing for quite some time before meeting with any type of success.  Plod on.  Write crap, but keep writing because like Hemingway said, the junk will flush out.  And keep sending me your scripts, as I am, after all, a masochist.  Cheers!”

                                                                    – Will
Photo by Carl Nelson

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