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From the Editor’s Perch

October 25, 2010


Life in the Multiverse

by Johnjoe McFadden

(Final review of 2.)

Noodle Still Can't Decide If He's a Wave or a Particle

Well, I’ve finished the book.  And it was quite a read.  A little work, but very rewarding.  And for those of you who might be worried about running into God Declared Miracles… not to worry.  It’s safe to proceed.   (I have run point for you here.)

We all need an audience to help us decide what we are.  (What you see in the photo above is a ‘bark’ for help!  So please read this post and help Noodle to ‘decohere’ from his present quantum ‘superposition’!)  And apparently atomic particles are no different; not being able to decide upon acting like a wave or particle until they are watched very closely.  (A lot like teenagers, you might think.) 

This book takes a sober look at some current thinking about the relationship between quantum theory dynamics and evolutionary theory facts, and also discusses what may be the quatum nature of our own neural consciousness.  That’s a lot thrown into the pot for one book. 

 But there’s more.  And I leave you with this tantalizing quote from our author, Johnjoe McFadden:  “I believe we are now on the brink of a new adventure which will bring about the synthesis of physical  and biological sciences through quantum mechanics.  On one hand, electronic engineers are constructing nanotechnology devices – electronics on the scale of living cells – manipulating single atoms and single electrons, on a level where they inevitably confront the quantum nature of their raw materials.  Biologists are coming to appreciate the fact that living cells have been performing nanotechnology for billions of years and must have learnt to deal with, and to exploit, the quantum realm.”

Have fun!

Photo by Carl Nelson

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