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Travelling Expenses

May 18, 2012

Paul Eenhoorn Speaks Out!

“Seems we no longer have to Audition. We have to film ourselves reading whatever shit is necessary, download it, post it to you tube, send a link and then hope that some jackass director sees talent in a piece of shit footage that should have been done by the production unit. We are actors, we are not your lackeys desperate for a part, some of us don’t have Skype, and hopefully most of us think you are so amateurish and full of crap that we wouldn’t bother with excessive self aggrandizing demands. Christ you bring this craft to its knees….. 

P.S.  And then you want us to sign off all rights to our image and our work for you to use for no compensation. WTF are you thinking!”   – Paul Eenhoorn

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