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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

August 1, 2010

Editor’s note:  The further adventures of our artist heroine, Rita Andreeva.

Take that! Mr. Mushroom

“I go to interview for a web designer job in Renton. The ad clearly said, “knowledge of html” and nothing else. So I get there and I talk to this guy, and he wants me to show him the stuff I did on the computer. It was real obvious that he never looked at any of my links I sent him. So I show him my stuff. He keeps sitting there with this snide, condescending smile, as I’m showing him the commercial I made that won 3rd place in the London Festival. I’m thinking: it’s a 3rd place out of the whole world, you puffed up mushroom of a person. He seems to be sort of approving-like. He asks, “Would you like to see our Server?” I reply, “I would love to see your Server.” We walk upstairs to a little room. Lo and behold – my first experience looking at a Server. It looks like a bunch of boxes stacked up about 7 feet tall with numerous cords floating behind it like weeds in Lake Washington. I say, “Wow, that’s impressive.” Then I say, “I remember when I had to punch cards in the old days…” He looked at me with an alarmed expression and quickly took me downstairs and to the main door. I thought, “oh, shit, he thought I was much younger, should have kept my mouth shut.”

                                                     –  Rita Andreeva

Photo by Carl Nelson

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