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Travelling Expenses…

June 11, 2014
Paul often notices something incoming at around 2 o'clock in photos.  :)

Paul often notices something incoming at around 2 o’clock in photos. ūüôā

Nothing but Presence

A very short, but insightful interview with our friend, Paul Eenhoorn:

Photo from the Stranger online


Seattle Celebrity News!

January 18, 2013
Lisa Coronado:  Actress / Co-owner/Manager Corwood Productions LLC

Lisa Coronado: Actress / Co-owner/Manager Corwood Productions LLC

Those Divine Marigolds are on the Move!

Lisa Coronado reports on Facebook: ¬†“Divine Marigolds meeting. Things are moving:)”

To bring yourself up to date, check our past postings on The Divine Marigolds here on the Seattle Celebrity News!  beginning here:

Photo lifted from Facebook

Seattle Celebrity News!

September 12, 2012

Francisco Menendez Directs

Film Release Today!

Fransisco Menedez – the director whose interview appeared right here in Seattle Celebrity News!¬† about 2 years ago¬†– has just released his latest work… which looks to be a big budget, glitzy, hollywood type thing called Stealing Las Vegas.¬† It should be available for streaming on Netflix, I Tunes and Amazon now.¬†

Working in Seattle on The Divine Marigolds

Here is a photo of Fransisco, in the midst of a cold outdoor evening shot, taken in West Seattle while he was up here working on The Divine Marigolds about 2 years ago, when we last spoke…¬† To hear his interview, taken at the time, go to:¬†¬†(

(Photo by Carl Nelson)

Travelling Expenses

May 4, 2012

Editor:¬† But as we re-join our actor/hero Paul Eenhoorn for the¬†drive home…¬†

…His Travails Are Not Yet Over

Under the lid.

Driving home after a wrap, time with Ernie and Tonya,
It’s silent under the lid, the wall beckons to me, end it.
Concrete steel and speed, should do it.
… I make it out, alive, into the silent cool rain washed newness of a Seattle night.
I think of your hands, how I know them,
I think of your voice and how it soothes this pain I carry.
I think of your long beautiful legs, how the moonlight reflected off your skin.
I feel my thumb on that spot on your foot that relieved the pain of being who you are,
Bringing you close to me.
I hear that small silent sigh in my ear when you first felt us.
I experience the desolation of my life without you.
Concrete steel and speed, should do it.
Still I wait.
Copyright Paul Eenhoorn 2012

Photo from The Divine Marigolds TV Pilot shoot, by Carl Nelson

Travelling Expenses

April 15, 2012

Editor:¬† Time to catch up with Paul.¬† Not hard, as he’s not moving very fast…

Taken on the set of The Divine Marigolds with Lorraine Montez as Ruby Marigold.

Climbing out of this mire is so hard
The past clings to my strength, trying to make me stay
To face the opposite and slip into the ease that would be death
And then there is you!
I am not sure which I want, when you cast your cloud over my heart
… I am not sure if the knife needs to be twisted, or removed
Would love win, or would I be drowned in the blood of this impasse
It’s going nowhere this debate, me, the protagonist, me, the antagonist.
I have no say, I just listen.
                                                                     РP Eenhoorn C 2012
Photo by Carl Nelson

Travelling Expenses

December 22, 2011

Editor’s Note:¬† Artistic types, I’ve found, tend to become both more enraptured and/or disgruntled with the world than most.¬† And, they watch TV too.

“Never trust a General wearing lots of fake medals and a silly hat.”


"Everybody Knows That."


I am an outside observer of political news. I listen to NPR; watch Lehrer and occasionally King 5 if I have a hankering for local news over dinner. I guess it is easy to have an opinion on the latest viral video, but I am not sure if I have an opinion or a new mindset over the Egyptian Army’s hatred of women.¬† What I saw running on a news station last night so angered me that I just had to rush into generalizations.

If these rioting rabid men in uniform are the people supposedly responsible for protecting the fragile new society of Egypt then I think this Era may be called the Arab Winter.  The savagery shown against defenseless citizens and particularly the women involved made me want to implement my Middle East tactical nuclear arms strategy. Now where did I put those nukes?

To think that this is the ancient civilization that built pyramids, created magnificent art and architecture, a civilization steeped in myth and history.¬† I don’t live there so I guess my opinion is not valid, except I have one now anywaNow we can see why the army was so supportive of the movement to free Egypt from its despotic leadership. The Army didn’t need to stage a coup; it just let the people do it for them, knowing there would be a vacuum it could fill with a new military dictatorship.¬†

There is something so terribly sick about the beating of defenseless women and the mentality displayed by the perpetrators, that it leads me to believe we were watching the underlying zeitgeist of the rulers of Egypt. Even worse is the thought that this could be a tenet of a patriarchal society that is Egypt today.  It says we hate women.

To me it seems that the people of Egypt will once again have to rise up against its unelected rulers. Hopefully those leaders responsible for promoting this war against the people will be brushed aside into the pages of ignominy where they belong. Hopefully they will build a fair, equal and just society, not a Western Style Democracy like ours which is based upon how much money and power you wield, but one that is in keeping with Egypt’s history. I pray for you Egypt, to the God of Peace, the God of Justice and the God of Equality.

P.S. Never trust General wearing lots of fake medals and a silly hat.  Everyone knows that.  РPaul

Photo by Carl Nelson

Travelling Expenses

November 26, 2011
Paul Eenhoorn as ‘Pops’ Marigold



“This is part two. The tough part‚Ķ

To my family and friends.

In 2008 two contractors I sold remodels for went bankrupt owing me around $30,000 one of the companies was my employer. I spent the next year and more unemployed as a lot of us did. During that period I spent time at the Muckleshoot Casino killing time. I actually won a fair amount and banked the money.

Over the last couple of years I have had a lot of dead end job starts and now finally work for a good company in the roofing industry. For various reasons I had been personally depressed for so long that the casino was the only other place apart from film sets and writing, where I could lose my feelings of pain. The reasons for that depression is a a whole other story and I suppose it’s a part of life.

The problem is that I became a compulsive gambler. All prudence left me and all sense of awareness for my actions as well as losing touch with reality. I have wasted so much and I was so ashamed that I spent my time shooting in Reno this month figuring out a way to end it all. The Reno shoot put me up in Harrah’s Hotel Casino so you can imagine how well that went.

In the end I called the gamblers help line and they referred me to a therapist who could help me. I will figure out why I have this self defeating behavior that is killing me. This addiction has destroyed my marriage as Stephanie can’t trust me after this, It has hurt my family, It has harmed my friends and screwed my reputation. It is so hard to explain this addiction that is so effectively destructive.

I am not looking for pity, I am looking for a place to start rebuilding, a reason to keep going. I am so sorry!” – Paul

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

October 14, 2011


According to this latest release:
“The Divine Marigolds epic win in the NexTV Competition. We took 1st place in VIEWERS CHOISE by 1200 votes completely demolishing the competition.This win moves The Divine Marigolds into the finals with the other 5 finalist from the different categories where we get massive exposure to Industry Leaders as we move on.From here this is where we go:

Finalists will be selected for overall quality of work, in addition to the project’s potential for becoming viable television content.

Finalists will have their work presented to the following PANEL of Industry Leaders:
‚ÄĘJosie Freedman (Premiere film agent, ICM)
‚ÄĘRandy Cordray (Producer of THE OFFICE)
‚ÄĘJay Francis (Director of Original Programming at Disney Channel, Disney XD)
‚ÄĘLenora Hume (EVP, HIT Entertainment (BARNEY, BOB the BUILDER)
‚ÄĘAaron Simpson (founder/editor of
‚ÄĘElizabeth Buraglio (Original Film ‚Äď I AM LEGEND, SUPERMAN RETURNS)
‚ÄĘAndrew Steele (Creative Director of Will Ferrell‚Äôs
‚ÄĘTracee Stanley (Head of Production & Development, Inferno Distribution ‚Äď Film Financiers/Distributors)
‚ÄĘDana Lambert (VP of Acquisitions, After Dark Films)
‚ÄĘJoel Milner (Lit Agent and Owner, Larchmont Literary Agency)
‚ÄĘ James V. Hart (Writer, CONTACT, HOOK, DRACULA)
‚ÄĘTom Collier (Entertainment Attorney with Bloom, Hergott. Rep Brad Pitt, Ron Howard,‚Ķ)
‚ÄĘDan Bree (Doc. Producer, The History Channel)
‚ÄĘJustin Kirk (Actor, series regular on Showtime‚Äôs WEEDS)

This Panel of Industry Leaders will choose the WINNERS.”

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

October 11, 2011

The Divine Marigolds Featured on TV Spot!

King 5 News covers The Divine Marigolds!

Nylah Watson of The Divine Marigolds



only 1.5 years AFTER you heard about them HERE, first! 

(complete with photos, quotes, interviews AND follow-up…)


 Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

July 20, 2011

"Whatever it takes!"

Celebrated Actor to Produce Movie Here! 

Paul Eenhoorn has scripted an independent¬†movie soon to be shot in Seattle.¬† This celebrated Seattle actor, who plays the role of ‘Pops’ in¬†the recently produced for TV¬†pilot, The Divine Marigolds,¬†has¬†already assembled crew and backers for¬†the shoot.¬†¬†And Paul plans also to direct the feature, currently titled ROOM 13.¬†¬†¬†What’s it about?¬† In Paul’s words:¬†“I can only describe it as a dance.¬† It’s about what happens to people who introduce a piece or a story about themselves that is captivating, and¬†sad.” ¬†To hear more about Paul, click on our exclusive Seattle Celebrity News!¬†interview with Paul Eenhoorn¬†posted HERE, last year.¬†¬†

If you would like to become somehow involved in¬†a movie production, (without having to move to Hollywood and smooze smug, sleazy, morally bankrupt producers and end up taking drugs and stuff and/or humiliating/debasing/selling your lovely flesh, (too cheaply, I’m sure!…)¬†go to:¬†¬†¬†Backers are always welcome.¬† Helpers are often welcome.¬† Hangers on are sometimes welcome.¬† (Could depend upon how well you hang.¬† (I said that, not Paul.)¬† Give it a shot.¬† Whatever, you’ll like Paul I’m sure. – Editor¬†

Photo by Unknown

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