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Fashion with Chris

November 3, 2010

The Beautiful Kara Thorne

Editor’s note:  The pull of Hollywood and the faaaasst! lane has its talons into Chris.  Plus, judging by this newest trailer, the chemistry with the beautiful Kara Thorne would turn anyone’s head into a swivel chair.  Somebody tie this guy to the mast before we lose him for good!

Photo by Carl Nelson

Fashion with Chris

October 27, 2010

Will Chris Drop Fashion for a Hollywood Career?

Editor’s Note:  We’ve had a lot of requests for Chris’ fall line-up.  I’m afraid Hollywood has had its feelers out also.  Here’s a short trailer of Chris’ upcoming movie, Chocolate Holics. 

Chocolate Holics

However, the Seattle Celebrity News! is in negotiations with Chris’ Hollywood agent.  And we’re hopeful we can resume shooting Chris’ Fall AND Christmas fashion line-up as soon as some contractural complications are resolved.  In the meanwhile, enjoy Chris Mathews in his first romantic lead with the lovely actress, Kara Thorne!

Photo by Carl Nelson

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