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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

June 1, 2011

Rita Needs a Job!

From Where She Is, Rita Can See Bottom

but Finds the Interview Tough Sledding.

 “Finally, my first IT interview with a big company. The recruiter assured me that it’s a very good entry level job. So I go to the interview. The address was 605 5th Ave. I find a building with 500-something address, the next one is 625. Where the hell is 605? I walked back and forth between the 2 buildings, the situation hasn’t changed. I noticed the 500-something building had Specialty Bakery in it, so I went in and got a latte and a pastry. Then I walked outside and noticed that there was a building hiding behind the 625 building. Then I saw a delivery guy rolling a cart toward me. So I asked him if he knew where 605 building was. He said he didn’t know. “What company are you looking for?” he asked. “Cobalt Group,” I said. “I think it’s in there,” he pointed to the nameless numberless building hiding behind the 625 one. So I went in looking lost, dazed and confused. The guy at the information desk asked me what I was looking for. “Cobalt Group,” I replied. “Well, you’re in the right place then. Go up to the top floor.”
At the top floor the receptionist had me sign in, I couldn’t help noticing that there were people signing in every 10 minutes all day to see that Mary person I was to see. I barely signed in as someone behind me said, “Rita?” I turned around. “Hi, I am Mary, follow me.” I followed her to a tiny room no bigger than a broom closet, even though the floor plan was very spacious. Another woman manager in a gray business suite joined us at the door of this closet. There was a little cheap table and three chairs inside. “Did you have any trouble finding us?” the non-Mary woman asked. “As a matter fact I did,” I provided happily, “There was a 500-something building, and then a 625 building, but no 605 building…” The women glanced at me with what would be best described as forbearance and motioned to one of the chairs. I sat. The non-Mary woman asked me, “So what have you done as far as web design?” I waved at my resume and said, “What it says, and I’d love to show you… Oops, there is no computer here, so, I guess, I can’t show you… How come you don’t have a computer here?”
The non-Mary woman shook her head, kind of like my cat does when I give her nutritious food without carbs to try, and shot a series of questions at me:
“Do you know html?”
” Do you know css?”
” Do you know Flash?”
“Do I know Flash! I make cartoons all the time! Did you see those I….” I realized they didn’t see anything. “Yes.”
Then Mary took over and asked me what I thought the job would entail. I was very happy to answer that question: “You have to build many websites quick, and to put in content and images provided to me in all those websites.”
“Would you mind if the job might be a bit boring and repetitive?” Mary asked.
“Why, not at all. I mean, you pay. If it were a real interesting job it would have probably been advertised as an internship with no pay.”
“Do you have any questions for us?”
I didn’t really have any. A boring job is a boring job. But I had to ask something. So I asked, “Is this building earthquake proof?”
They both hurried to assure me that it was.
My recruiter sent me a very angry email later: “You made me look real bad! They said you went on forever about how hard it was to find the building, how small the room was and without a computer, and you kept fidgeting, and then, when you were supposed to ask something about the job, you asked if the building was earthquake proof!”
Surprisingly, I didn’t get the job. I sent an email back to the recruiter: “Sorry, I don’t think they had any reason to complain, for you sent them qualified people. They didn’t even care what I could do, they didn’t even look at my websites. Obviously it’s one of those situations where there is a basic personality incompatability, and probably a discrimination as well, because, what if I had a fear of heights… Because all the reasons they bitched about didn’t have anything to do with my ability to do the job, they were all very superficial…” She didn’t reply. Guess she is still mad at me. I hope she didn’t get in trouble for sending me over.”  – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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