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Seattle Celebrity News!

January 18, 2013
Lisa Coronado:  Actress / Co-owner/Manager Corwood Productions LLC

Lisa Coronado: Actress / Co-owner/Manager Corwood Productions LLC

Those Divine Marigolds are on the Move!

Lisa Coronado reports on Facebook:  “Divine Marigolds meeting. Things are moving:)”

To bring yourself up to date, check our past postings on The Divine Marigolds here on the Seattle Celebrity News!  beginning here:

Photo lifted from Facebook

Travelling Expenses

April 15, 2012

Editor:  Time to catch up with Paul.  Not hard, as he’s not moving very fast…

Taken on the set of The Divine Marigolds with Lorraine Montez as Ruby Marigold.

Climbing out of this mire is so hard
The past clings to my strength, trying to make me stay
To face the opposite and slip into the ease that would be death
And then there is you!
I am not sure which I want, when you cast your cloud over my heart
… I am not sure if the knife needs to be twisted, or removed
Would love win, or would I be drowned in the blood of this impasse
It’s going nowhere this debate, me, the protagonist, me, the antagonist.
I have no say, I just listen.
                                                                     – P Eenhoorn C 2012
Photo by Carl Nelson

Travelling Expenses

November 26, 2011
Paul Eenhoorn as ‘Pops’ Marigold



“This is part two. The tough part…

To my family and friends.

In 2008 two contractors I sold remodels for went bankrupt owing me around $30,000 one of the companies was my employer. I spent the next year and more unemployed as a lot of us did. During that period I spent time at the Muckleshoot Casino killing time. I actually won a fair amount and banked the money.

Over the last couple of years I have had a lot of dead end job starts and now finally work for a good company in the roofing industry. For various reasons I had been personally depressed for so long that the casino was the only other place apart from film sets and writing, where I could lose my feelings of pain. The reasons for that depression is a a whole other story and I suppose it’s a part of life.

The problem is that I became a compulsive gambler. All prudence left me and all sense of awareness for my actions as well as losing touch with reality. I have wasted so much and I was so ashamed that I spent my time shooting in Reno this month figuring out a way to end it all. The Reno shoot put me up in Harrah’s Hotel Casino so you can imagine how well that went.

In the end I called the gamblers help line and they referred me to a therapist who could help me. I will figure out why I have this self defeating behavior that is killing me. This addiction has destroyed my marriage as Stephanie can’t trust me after this, It has hurt my family, It has harmed my friends and screwed my reputation. It is so hard to explain this addiction that is so effectively destructive.

I am not looking for pity, I am looking for a place to start rebuilding, a reason to keep going. I am so sorry!” – Paul

Photo by Carl Nelson

Travelling Expenses

November 25, 2011

Editor’s Note:  Paul Eenhoorn is a quite noted/respected  actor about town and has a lot of varied experience to offer us.  He also writes quite well.  He’s suffered a few setbacks of late which he shared on Facebook.  Experiences he has written about with poignancy.  Which are unique – and also quite familiar, more or lessto the mass of us laboring in the Arts.  So I invited him to write a bit more about it here: about real life in the Arts.  My provisional title for Paul’s Column comes from the poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky:


Consider my travelling expenses:

Poetry –

all of it –

is a journey to the Unknown.”

Paul Eenhoorn Playing “Pops” Marigold for TV


“Back from Two weeks shooting in Reno!! It was a tough but rewarding shoot. Spent the two weeks depressed mostly.

I run on cash flow as being unemployed or underemployed over the past three years has cost us dearly. I really thought more money would be in by now from my new found sales job.

This year started auspiciously when Steph spent ten days in Overlake over Christmas with a spinal infection which we thought was a pulled muscle. By the time we got her to Overlake the doctors had a hard time controlling a blood infection. She was in really bad shape. Then there were the antibiotic transfusions for the next three months. Needless too say this all set us back even though we were insured. Also in the last year as a result of this recession we nearly lost our home and were lucky to get a loan modification.

I was talking to a close friend yesterday who has been through life and he said I should tell people about my life. I am not looking for sympathy I am in this situation and that’s all it is.

Also in the last year I shot four feature films, a TV pilot, various corporate shoots, a web show, a handful of shorts. For all that work I have earned $3000.00 most of it from corporate shoots. For that I have made myself available for friends who needed me and framed my life to accommodate the industry in Seattle. No wonder Steph looks at me and presumes me insane. My thoughts of ending this life had became so overpowering that I take anti depressants to help keep me up. It’s really hard to know you have what it takes, (based upon the feedback of others), chase the goal, frame your life to accommodate it and still try to make some sort of living in a recession. I know there are others in this place I am in who have similar pain; they have shared it with me.

I drive a beaten up Ford Windstar because I own it and it keeps running. Oh yeah I am really enjoying the fruits of my labor. I can’t even pay my phone bill, boy am I stupid.

Then there was the 55 days of the campaign on Room 13 full time at insane hours that netted me a princely sum and a whole lot of stress that I am still carrying.

I have a handful of friends that I know are my friends people like Ricco, Ross, Ernie, Richard, Andy, Becka, Aria, who actually call me on their old fashioned Cell Phone, just to say Hi, not because they want anything. Yet there are people I have done work for (unpaid of course) who won’t even return a phone call. I have a lot of shortcomings and I work on them daily. I might be stupid, imprudent, and too optimistic, with bad habits, but i try to stay loyal to friends.

To everyone who has helped Room 13 thanks. I love you all , all of you in this town who work against odds that a blind man could see are insurmountable; yet away we toil. Someone show me a brick wall that I can beat my head against. I obviously love pain.”  – Paul

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

October 11, 2011

The Divine Marigolds Featured on TV Spot!

King 5 News covers The Divine Marigolds!

Nylah Watson of The Divine Marigolds



only 1.5 years AFTER you heard about them HERE, first! 

(complete with photos, quotes, interviews AND follow-up…)


 Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

December 1, 2010

Interview with Judy Burbrink, Proprietor of the Villa Heidelberg

Judy Burbrink, proprietor of the Villa Heidelberg talks a little bit about her own acquaintance with the theater and film.  And how does your place get picked for a filming?  And what is involved?  Judy talks a little about this, also.

Photos by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

December 1, 2010

The Crew of The Divine Marigolds

A lot of talented people worked long hours behind the scenes to make this TV production happen!  For the complete photo essay of the weekend, go to:

Photos by Carl Nelson

A Producer’s Diary with Will Chase

November 27, 2010

Will Chase / Producer

An Open Letter for The Divine Marigolds

“Its been a bit since last I posted, so my apologies in advance.  I am currently (still) digesting the last of my Thanksgiving meal, which I enjoyed with friends and family out at a restaurant.  No dishes, no disgruntled arguments as to whose stuffing is best, or why defrosting a pumpkin pie heating and eating is similar to the genocide of the 1st Nation People(I just learned that moniker, and for those of you who dont know who the 1st Nation People are…Native Americans, or Indians, if you are insensitive and slightly ignorant)  It was GLORIOUS! But I digress. 
I would like to make a shout out to all the folks who made a brilliant effort on the Pilot shoot of the new television series, The Divine Marigolds.  I am a producer of said series, and it was a long and arguous three days.  Not so much for myself, but for the cast and crew of the show.  We had crew members who effortlessly (that might be a bit strong) worked 15 hour days, and had smiling faces to boot.  Not one member of the crew complained, that I could remember, and the cast brought their A-Game, creating honest, real, and affecting performances.  For this I am thankful.  For each and everyone of you who stepped up to the plate, pointed to left field and proceeded to blast it out of the park,  I am thankful.  For the confidence that each member of our team had in their producers, I am thankful.  But mostly, I am thankful that Seattle’s Independant Film industry is beginning to realize that we have a large pool of creditable crew members, a deep pool of fantastic talent, and producers who are willing to have the courage of their convictions.  So, thank you to my fellow producers on the Divine Marigolds.  I bought a ticket to ride the train about 8 months ago, and I’m not getting off until the end of the line. 
I am truly blessed to work with such fearless cohorts.  You complete me.”  – Will

Photo by Carl Nelson

Seattle Celebrity News!

November 27, 2010

Interview with Allison Eckert

First Assistant Director for The Divine Marigolds

For younger people wondering how to become involved in the ‘business’, this interview with Allison Eckert might be of interest.  In the photos, she’s seriously at work.  But she’s quite charming as a young interviewee.  And as I was speaking with her the outside light was just right and I thought, ‘I should snap a picture now.  She’s quite relaxed and another side of her is apparent’.  But I didn’t.  Nevertheless, a lot of that charm comes across in this interview.  Listen…

Photos by Carl Nelson 

Seattle Celebrity News!

November 24, 2010

The Slate

That slate snapping shut, announcing the next take, is one of the exciting moments on a set.  Everyone hushes.  Everyone freezes.  The sound is rolling… and “Action!”

Photos by Carl Nelson taken on The Divine Marigolds set.

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