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Travelling Expenses

April 13, 2013
Paul Before (actually midway through production)

Paul Before (actually midway through production)

ROOM 13  –  Premier!

Well!  Movies take a little while to realize.  But Paul is almost there.  Above is a promotional clip made during its creation.   The upcoming release of his short, Room 13, will premier in the upcoming Seattle True International Film Festival on May 10, 6-9pm.  For full information, go to:

And if your are interested in a breakdown of what it costs to create a movie, such as this…  (Note.  We have not measured the blood, sweat, and tears.)  Go to:

Paul After

Paul Afterwards, When It’s In the Can

Popcorn available! (everywhere good movies are shown).

Photos by Somebody.

Seattle Celebrity News!

December 17, 2010

Trapping Sound for AV/The Movie

AV/The Movie to Have Screening

A/V The Movie, which travelled south to Tinsel Land for a while to get its post-production make-over, is having its first screening for participants and guests at the SIFF Cinema in McCall Hall, here in Seattle, January 3rd.  Visit their fine website at: 

Yours Truly did stills of this production.  They were a fine crew.  And the food was great while the money held out.  After that, well, we tightened out belts and suffered (but not too much)  for our art.  I think you’ll really enjoy the results.  I’m hoping to interview John Silva, Writer/Director of AV soon.  Stay tuned!

Photo by Carl Nelson

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