Murders in Progress by Eldon Cene

High School Graduation Photo of Eldon Cene

High School Graduation Photo of Eldon Cene

Eldon Cene

(1927 – 2008)

Eldon Cene died in Lompoc prison in 2008 after writing 31 unpublished novels.  (The last of which, Murders in Progress, is featured here.)

He often said that incarceration was “the best thing that ever happened to me.  I got three squares and more privacy than most men can afford.  I could never actually kick being a criminal.  I’d thought it was just my true nature.   Until I got in here and realized that all I really wanted to do was to write and make up shit.”

He is currently buried in a potter’s graveyard just outside the prison walls.
“It’s the only way some of us are ever getting out of here,” he added.

He was born Sheldon Obsein in Pine Rock, Texas.  But adopted Eldon Cene as his pen name, “’cause it sounded better,” he said.

Photo from family archives.


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