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September 26, 2014

The Climate Change Business

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If you’ve ever bought a product, especially one for which you have a quite specific need, you’ve probably found that the information a manufacturer offers about their product can be less than full disclosure.   For example, the manufacturer will seldom tell you what the product won’t do.  They will seldom tell you the problems their product might cause.  They will seldom tell you all of the limitations of their product.  In short, they fail to mention their product’s shortcomings.   It’s up to you to do the full diligence.

This is also the case with the Climate Change Business.  I say ‘business’, because nearly all of the experts who chime in about this matter earn their living from it.  I also say “business” because like any other organization, their business model is protected by self-serving disclosures.

This gives the Climate Change Customer a tremendous advantage.  All the promotional material is there for the taking.  The graphs and charts and expert testimony has all been prepared.   You are given tested responses for the common challenges, and given tested rejoinders.   And you join a wide population of like-minded customers, with the current customer privileges of being the possessor of an ‘informed opinion’, who is bathing in the correct consensus.  It also comes with the right to jeer.

While accomplishing due diligence is not easy to do.

When Global Warming was first raised as an issue quite some years ago, there was one reporter at the Seattle Times who seemed willing to cover the opposing view.  He was a business reporter and from time to time would report on the issue of Global Warming and cover an occasional Climate Warming debate hosted by business interests.   He disappeared, and likewise the coverage.

For a time later, a large part of the brouhaha involved melting icecaps and rising sea levels.   Sea level areas of the world were soon to be inundated.   Mass migration and population disruption were widely predicted.  A lawsuit was begun involving the Maldives (plaintiffs vs. the carbon dioxide producers of the world) – a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean, whose existence was threatened by the anticipated rising sea levels.  What happened?

Well, you wouldn’t know from following the news.  But while doing my ‘due diligence’ on other Warming matters, it was noted that the suit had been quietly dropped as the threatened sea level change had not occurred.

Later on, what was referred to throughout the news as Global Warming became referred to as Climate Change.  Who decided this?  It’s easier to say why.  Apparently the alarming ‘scientific’ models of global temperature rise over the first decade of the 21st century hadn’t occurred.  The acknowledgement of this in the news was a contested ripple, while the alarmists sights moved elsewhere.

Global inundation was back in the news!  Apparently the reason the Globe had not warmed as predicted was because the heat had been absorbed by the oceans.  This was causing melting of the icecaps.  And ‘scientists’ now  feared that a huge shelf of ice in Antarctica was being undermined by warming waters and would soon break off, falling into the sea and causing massive flooding in the lower lying regions bordering the oceans.

Recently I was wondering why I had not heard more of this projected catastrophe, when the answer became apparent while doing more due diligence upon a scientific finding of ‘alarming’ shrinkage of the Greenland icepack.   I was told in no uncertain terms that this was a solid scientific finding which was true and irrefutable, and was a definite alarming indicator.

Well everything is irrefutable, if you don’t attempt to refute it.  While doing my due diligence upon this matter, it was revealed to me why I had not heard anymore recently about the Soon to Collapse Antarctic Ice Shelf.  Apparently it has been found that whereas the ice in the northern hemisphere appears to be retreating – the ice in the Antarctic region is doing the opposite.

So, the Climate Alarmists and the media quietly move on.  Currently it appears that the Climate Change Alarmists have gotten fed up with waiting for the global climate to demonstrate what they clearly see to be true.  They are taking to the streets.  400,000 of them recently marched in New York.  (Leaving their trash behind, thank you.)  You get enough people marching and Global Climate Change of Dire Prediction will occur!  This is how science is done currently.

Next, we’ll be using political activism to change the sex of gerbils.

Beating a dead horse.  When does it get tiring?

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